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Malevolent Creed is a fun, friendly, casual 10 man raiding guild on Defias Brotherhood - EU for those who don't take the game too seriously. We are a social bunch of individuals who enjoy a laugh as well as getting some progression raiding under our belts and are always looking for some new faces to join our laid back environment. At the moment we are raiding three nights a week: Weds, Sun, Mon 21.00 - 00.00 (invites start at 20.45) server time. 

We are currently recruiting active, motivated individuals to assist in our Siege of Orgrimmar heroic progression, especially a main spec tank (preferably druid/warrior). Social applicants are also welcomed with open arms, so please do not hesitate to get in touch with us whichever aspect of the game you are looking for!

Players interested in joining our ranks click here! 

Alternatively, if you would like any further information regarding Malevolent Creed or if you have any questions you can whisper any of our officers: Lavitz, Nálá or Willów who are always happy to help.

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Garrosh finally bites the dust!

nuttywray, Nov 29, 13 10:45 AM.

After many many wipes and trying different methods we finally got the kill! It was an amazing job all round for everyone!
I would like to give a speical mention for Bumbleberry, you helped us on the early parts of our Garrosh tries but missed the raid with the kill so thank you for your hard work. Also to Jinette our new recruit, we threw you in the deep end for your first raid and you performed great.
I be honest without everyone in Malevolent Creed help and support over the course of the 14 boss kills we wouldn't have got this far! Speaking on behalf of all the officers I would like to say thank you and we proud of you all! ^_^
14/14 BABY!!! Time for heroics!!!


Until next time! Peace, love and unicorns!!

Lavitz! x

PS: Here is the kill video for your enjoyment!

Klaxxi Kill Video

nuttywray, Nov 18, 13 12:25 PM.
Here is our Klaxxi kill video! With only 7 wipes on him!! Amazing job!

POV is by Gajzla!

It's about time this gets updated ^_^

nuttywray, Nov 12, 13 7:03 AM.
After a long time of no updates its about time we start again!  Sorry for the lack of them! Hopefully we get this sorted and have regualar updates!

We have done a great job so far getting through Siege of Orgrimmar killing 13/14 bosses! Only Garrosh stands in our way!!!

Thok was the 12th boss we decide to kill and after hard work and great team work we managed to get it killed! Congratulations to everyone who took part in and help us get the kill!

Paragons of the Klaxxi was meant to be TOO MANY BOSSES but like in Throne of Thunder the 2nd to last boss didn't give us many problems and we managed to down them! Poor Klaxxis :(

I would like to thank EVERYONE in Malevolent Creed who has helped us so far get through SoO! You all have done a fantastic job one way or another and the officers are greatful to have you all! Keep up the good work and no doubt we get Garrosh down in no time at all!

Until next time enjoy the video of our Thok kill made by Gajzla!


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